כותנה אורגנית

What Makes Organic Cotton Sustainable

An excellent alternative to wearing usual cotton is organic cotton. That is why we chose the fiber to give you super-soft undies to wear. But what makes organic [...]

Organic Cotton What is All the Fuss About

Yes, we totally get it. You have an organic cotton brief in your hand! Yes, we know no one will eat the fiber, but there is an excellent […]

כותנה אורגנית

What Are the Characteristics of Organic Cotton

What makes organic cotton such an excellent choice for underwear? Let’s tell you a small secret!  You already know that you wear your underwear next to the most […]

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Know Your Product: Organic Cotton vs. Regular Cotton

You are standing with organic cotton and non-organic cotton underwear in your hand. Which one should you choose? You wonder what the difference is making choosing one difficult […]