• Low rise
  • Full coverage
  • Made from soft, breathable organic cotton
  • No chemicals and pesticides are used during the manufacturing process

Fabric and Care

  • 95% organic cotton
  • 5% elastine
  • GOTS certification
  •  Fair Trade certification
  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Hang to dry


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Kind to the Community

Kind to the Community

We care about the people who make our underwear and take pride in our Fairtrade supply chain.

Kind to Your Body

Kind to Your Body

The perfect pair of panties that hug your hips and come in four different colors and styles.

Kind to Our Planet

Kind to Our Planet

Our underwear is good for you and Mother Nature. Lilibloom is GOTS certified, eco-friendly, and free of plastic and other harmful products.

Period Underwear

Lilibloom’s period underwear are made with love from ecological, soft, breathable fabric.

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While they say patience is a virtue, we know that sometimes you just can’t wait to receive your order already!
For that reason we have two shipping options available to you:
Standard Shipping: up to 7 business days
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The best way to do laundry and care for your Lilibloom underwear is to machine wash-cold, and either hang dry or tumble dry low. This ensures a longer life for your undies, and the best method for mother nature since it saves energy and prevents additional emissions from entering the atmosphere.

We also recommend using eco-friendly & hypoallergenic laundry detergents to keep the world and your underwear cheeky clean.

Great question! As long as your order hasn’t been shipped off yet, then you can change the details of your order, or cancel it, as you wish with no problems.

For any further inquiries, feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

We’re all about making the best product for you and mother nature. Each pair of panties are made from certified 100% organic cotton and a just little bit of elastane love to help with stretch and comfort.

Excellent question, we’re glad you asked!

Let’s start with what GOTS stands for: Global Organic Textile Standard.
Similar to how USDA approval is used for food, GOTS is an international certification used for organic fibers & manufactured textiles to verify and document their product flow & supply chain, from start to finish.
Basically, it’s a certification that ensures that the product and process is environmentally safe, that the technical quality & human toxicity levels are under control, and that safe and proper social & working conditions are followed.
That’s why Lilibloom’s line of underwear is made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, to help both you & the world freely flourish.

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