What Are the Characteristics of Organic Cotton

What makes organic cotton such an excellent choice for underwear? Let’s tell you a small secret! 

You already know that you wear your underwear next to the most sensitive parts of the body. 

For that reason, you need the gentles fabric such as organic cotton underwear. The material is one of the gentlest fabrics found and remains the best choice. 

Organic cotton is not only the gentlest found but also remains that way, wash after wash. But why is the material softer than other fabrics, and what are the characteristics making it feel that way? 

The secret lies in how the farmers harvest the cotton crops. Organic cotton, compared to conventional cotton independent farmers, grows on a smaller scale. They handpick the harvest making the process gentler compare to using mechanical harvesting methods. 

This allows the long fiber to remain in tack without breaking or weakening the threads. The overall outcome is softer fiber with long-lasting results that feels smooth against your skin. But is this all that makes organic cotton fiber a preferred choice? 

No, there is more, so stay a while longer to find out why organic cotton is so unique.

Organic Cotton Is Durable—So the Undies Last Longer

As mentioned, farmers use a slower and gentler harvesting process that preserves the fibers, making them more resilient than conventional cotton. 

Compared to non-organic cotton, farmers do not use harsh chemicals that can damage the fibers. Harsh chemicals make the cotton brittle, rougher, and prone to break. Therefore, organic cotton provides you with more long-lasting wear.

Organic Cotton Underwear Is a Healthier Solution

Now you may be wondering why we would make such a statement! A fact is that during the growth of non-organic cotton, farmers use harsh chemicals, such as herbicides or pesticides. 

When growing non-organic cotton, farmers use vast volumes of these chemicals on the crops. 

During the manufacturing process of conventional cotton, these chemicals tend to end up in the product. The toxic chemicals can lead to dizziness and headaches for the everyday user. 

Still, the consequences are more severe for people who come in close contact during the harvesting of the crops and manufacturing stage.

According to the UN, pesticide poisoning has caused more deaths in developing countries when growing non-organic cotton. 

Organic cotton is healthier for you, and the people who work with the fiber in the daily supply change, as there are no toxic chemicals added. 

Organic Cotton Is Better For the Environment

When choosing organic cotton instead of non-organic cotton, you have more benefits, making it better for you and the planet. 

It uses less water and grown using rainfed instead of water out of lakes and rivers compared to non-organic cotton. 

This leads to fewer greenhouse gasses, soil erosion, and less pollution than conventional cotton farming methods.

Our Take Back Scheme 

As part of the Circular Fashion 2020 Pledge, our commitment is to take part in the take-back scheme for underwear in 2021. 

Our underwear comprises a high percentage of organic cotton that you can recycle. The underwear has cutting-edge fiber-to-fiber creating pure virgin fibers compared to mechanical recycling that repurposes the textile into low-grade fabric such as industrial wipes or insulation. 

The pure fibers can be recycled into new clothes, so keep watching the space, and hold on to your old undies!