Why Does GOTS Certification Matter?

You’ve probably noticed something strange on our organic cotton underwear stating that it is GOTS-certified. But maybe you are wondering what it means and why it is important. 

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard that is a world-leading processing standard for organic fibers. 

Simply put, the organic cotton underwear sold on our site is an assurance that our products you buy meet all the global standards with the processing right through to manufacturing. 

But how does it work—let’s find out!

How Does GOTS Work?

When selling organic cotton products, it sets a standard with specific requirements for producing the textile. Global Organic Textile Standards ensures that all steps from the harvesting, sewing, packaging, and transporting in the supply chain are covered.

The requirements comprise from the environmental to the social criteria. They make sure that the textile- manufacturers do it in an eco-friendly manner from the growing to the production. 

Furthermore, they ensure that both the laborers and the workspace are protected according to fair trade norms. 

So what are the critical features of GOTS certification? Here are some of the essential aspects of the Global Organic Textile Standards:

  • They prohibit the use of toxic chemicals from heavy metals, formaldehyde, Genetically Modified Organisms, and more during organic cotton production. 
  • They cover the whole production process from growing the plant, the composition of the fiber, bleaching, water, waste discharge, and materials used with the packaging. 
  • All chemicals used need to adhere to strict toxicological and environmental guidelines. 
  • The fabric must meet specific certification criteria from shrinkage, softness, value, and more. 
  • For the textile to become GOTS certified, the item must have at least 70% organic fiber. 
  • Both the processor and manufacturer need to meet strict social criteria that include safe working conditions, age laws, and other fair trade practices about the hours and remuneration.
  • They test the product, appraise it for quality and authenticity at every stage, and are done by an experienced certifier. The certifier needs to submit documentation as well.  
  • Lastly, they do yearly audits of the manufacturer’s facilities with surprise checks to ensure they follow the correct practices.

Therefore, when you buy organic cotton underwear with the GOTS certification online, you know your product is authentic according to the ethical and environmental concerns set up by the Global Organic Textile Standards.  

Why Are Our Products GOTS Certified 

We are committed to providing you with SAFE organic cotton underwear. When we started selling our underwear collection, we knew that we wanted it to be 100% organic cotton. Why:

  • It is free of harmful chemicals that can harm your skin. Compared to non-organic cotton, the farmers grow the cotton without using any pesticides left behind in the fiber that can transfer to your skin. 
  • Organic cotton is super soft, breathable, lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic. 
  • Lastly, organic fiber is a sustainable fabric that helps promote fair trade and is a healthier option for you and the environment.

Take Away Thoughts 

When we provide you with organic cotton underwear, we know it is our duty and responsibility to ensure the fabric used is backed by high international standards of safety such as Global Organic Textile Standards. You can feel assured that all our products are made of organic cotton with GOTS certification. If you need to ask any questions, please leave a comment and try our best to answer the queries. 



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